• Special London Dance Workshop                                                                  Texto en Español
    Escola Global, Mallorca

    London's The Imperial Steps Dance Group comes to Mallorca to share their styles of London Street Dance. Following the success of the first workshop in November, VERY magazine & Isaac Vitamin, Laura Sparkx and Siegfried are looking forward to come back for more fun.

    Who can dance? All of us,....anyone, kids and adults, singles and families, together, what fun.
    When: Spring 2019
    WhereEscola Global at Parc BIT / Other locations TBC.
    How much
    ? € 25 / 2 hour session

    Thank you everyone who came in November, welcoming us to Mallorca !

    Vitamin, Sparkx and Siegfried brought incredible energy to the group.
    They made it fun for the young ones, the older ones and us adults at the same time.
    We would love to have them back again on the island.
    Thank you so much....now we have gained street credibility in Sencelles.
          — Stephanie Fehr, Mallorca

    Stay tuned and see you there!


    www.escola-global.com   Read more about us and the project... >

  • DANCE CONNECTS — one day, three partners, calling all

    The Imperial Steps is a truly inspirational urban style London street dance group working with schools, kids and adults all across the British capital. They are the ‘the real deal’: dynamic and proactive street dancers with heart and energy to make a difference — and getting everyone to join the beat. With the motto ‘dance has its own language’ The Imperial Steps make it a kids game for everyone to tap into their very own talents and rhythmic skills; social barriers are broken down, self esteem is built up, shyness overcome. The transformation is often truly illuminating.

    “Dance brings people together... a wonderful gift to be enjoyed by everybody” Isaac Vitamin Baptiste, The Imperial Steps.

    Escola Global aims to "develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.”

    The engaging person-people-planet philosophy with its holistic and visionary entrepreneurial approach - made the school the perfect partner...

    “ 'Creativity, Nutrition, Nature and Movement' are the four educational pillars ...”
              ... who generously and spontaneously offered to host this intercultural connection event.

    Come along: Escola Global’s spacious new premises at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains are ready, prepared for performance, your day of dance.  >

  • Launched 1997 in New York, VERY has been known as the ‘pioneering sort’. In the ‘90s crossing the boundaries of art / fashion /publishing was a novelty. Alongside, VERY featured humanitarian issues, photography, ecology and film.With eponymous fashion collection, events, gallery shows, VERY UP & CO acts as catalyst, creator, instigator. Passionate about positive change, VERY naturally connects people and places. The network grew with time; 'VERY' became synonymous with ‘four degrees of separation’.

    Connection established, we embedded health into the mission manifesto. Without, we don’t thrive. Not us, not the planet. Don't we tend to forget the obvious until it hits us hard?

    We are relational beings, the body our instrument of choice.
    Unlock your inner magic through music! Isaac and his crew make it so easy and fun: you can dance if you can walk or run.
    It’s kids’ play and adult fun!

    Five years or older? We'll be back!
    Stay tuned (follow us here) — come and dance with us next time!

    Ursula E Pohl



    VERY health: body, mind, soul   VERY Craniosacraltherapy  @VERYcranio

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