• While the world seems to be going to pieces with bad to worse news every day, at least at VERY we have plenty to celebrate:

    For one, VERY UP & CO just turned 20 on September 21st,... and VERY magazine’s 20th - get ready for the compilation album!! - we’ll celebrate with the next issue.

    Then I am super happy to welcome our new section in the magazine - HEALTH .... which is a wider issue than one might think at first glance. ‘Health’ for me spans from the personal to the global, from physical to mental health, and back again. Everything is intertwined, there is a direct link between stress, tumors and cancer, and the violence spiralling out of control.

    Realizing the enormity of the importance of these links, that trauma is personal, societal and trans-generational, led me to my new passion in addition to VERY making .... which you can spot here in Art HEART HEALING. Yes, due to model no-show, I ended up in the pictures, that was not intended, but little does it matter either way, we had a good day.

    CLOSING THE GAP TO THE FUTURE OF HEALTH is a must-read if you’d like to come with us out of the dark ages of medical division.... - and for TINNITUS there’s advice, Self Help Tips and more by Julian Cowan Hill.

  • ONIBESPOKE – ART OF AFRICA also relates to health, in this case, that of a whole nation. AFTER GLAMOUR - MOSCOW STYLE is an artistic reflection on a community losing its footing; Russia lending itself as good example for what is a much larger phenomenon.

    Without health, the world crumbles, joy becomes pain. But there is now proof of facts from which we can all gain: the biggest conveyor of hope I find is the plasticity of the brain....

    When I first started training cranio sacral therapy ‘on the side’, I did it for trauma research, as a personal quest. Also, because working like crazy making the films on water and ecology had earned me a head injury, forcing me to stop and reconsider. That was 2 years ago, October 2 2014, and life is quite different now, for the better.

    Different, but then again not so: VERY has always been about discovering links, searching for what lies beyond and yonder, and looking for the light, hither.

    Uscha Pohl

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