• A short film tracking down the reasons how we can be 'in drought' as well as 'flooded' at the same place and time. Interviewing Osman Goring at Coaley Mill, Gloucestershire, gives us an in depth view into this phenomena which is occurring more and more right on our doorsteps in Great Britain. Turns out - the main factors contributing to this 'natural disaster' are... man-made!

    This short film presented by Femi Taylor the first in an open ended series of shorts entitled 'Flood & Drought' produced by the VERY magazine team for 'Its Time To Give Back/ITTGB’.

    Each sequel will show discoveries as to what is happening with our water, land, health, food supply, all right in front of us.

    Special Thanks go to Water21.org.uk who opened our eyes to the cobweb of crucial information which everyone needs to know.... and we try to dissect in these short films. Everything is linked - one by one the knot unravels.

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  • drenched in drought
    Flood & Drought I

    Presented by Femi Taylor

    Interviewee: Osman Goring
    Ever Hot.

    Director Uscha Pohl
    Editor Jan Höhe
    Camera Tomek Sierek, Andrew Lamb
    Music Marianne Nowottny

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