• Can you place in order, from the day you were born the cities you have lived in?
    Paris, NY, London, LA, Tel Aviv, Tokyo.

    Which of these cities do you feel the strongest connection to and which one has influenced you the most and shaped the way you are?
    I think New York was the most influential city, the magic of it; in it’s Jazz clubs and jammings on every street corner made me recall my childhood vinyls (LPs) like Duke Ellington, Dizzie Gillespie and Paul Simon. My video “NYC Time“ shows the effect of my transition from suburbia to the place where it all all had happened.

    What is your earliest memory and does it have a soundtrack?
    My earliest memory is being in kindergarten with my friends, who are wondering what I’m doing when I closed my eyes and imagined ‘I can do magic.’ I still hear the sound of children asking “what she is doing?“

    If light is of three colours, red green and yellow; what are you made of metaphorically speaking?
    I’m made of series of absurd situations, libidinal dreams and fantasies.

    What are you most proud of?
    To be able to water-ski and to understand Lacan’s seminars. It took quite some training though...

    In one phrase how would you describe your musical genre?
    Le Nouveau Jazzy Pop.

    - Pshemko Sierek

  • In one phrase how would you describe your musical genre?
    Le Nouveau Jazzy Pop.


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