• To this day, the use of nuclear energy has been met with high hopes and profound skepticism.

    In Germany, both these stances have been, and still are, under intense discussion. By now, a medium-term nuclear power phase-out seems a done deal.

    However, the problem of the termi­nal storage of nuclear waste continues to be unsolved.

    Completed over the course of four years, my photography project Critical Mass / Kritische Masse shows and documents all 17 German nuclear power plants as well as the Asse II terminal repository and the exploration mine at Gorleben.

    The images from Critical Mass/Kritische Masse are intended to invite observers to ask questions regarding our notions of security and risk.

    “Where are the limitations of technical control systems? What are the consequences of the energy transition? Or are we facing new chances for products and alternative lifestyles?”

    Michael Danner

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