• TB is spreading again, in Britain and elsewhere. Our health is in decline. Supermarket food's main feed is fertilizer (add pesticides etc), the same goes for grass cattle graze. There is a direct link between farming, food, flood and our failing health.

    The UK is seeing a TB epidemic amongst cattle and as well as an increase in human TB cases. TB is a disease of deprivation which only occurs when the immune system is weak. Experiments have shown that with animals being fed a balanced grass diet containing natural vitamins and minerals, the cases of TB disappear. We urgently need an analysis of animal and plant feed – the farming of our food and the effects on our health.

    food, farming and tuberculosis

    Presented by Femi Taylor

    Interviewee Dave Stanley, Chris Pearson
    Director Uscha Pohl
    Editor Jan Höhe
    Camera Andrew Lamb
  • Additional footage Uscha Pohl, Tomek Sierek, Jan Höhe
    Music Marianne Nowottny

    Featuring Coco Craft, Lukas Pohl Blondez
    Graphics Jan Höhe


    The series ‘FLOOD & DROUGHT’ is created by Uscha Pohl/VERY Magazine for ITTGB. This is VERY’s own discovery channel and represents the findings of an ongoing series of interviews.

    For Dave Stanley’s own analysis of the situation please go to challenge the thinking.
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