• Soil carbon is essential to our existence; it constitutes the fertility in the ground. CO2 in the atmosphere - we all know increases global warming - is the same carbon only expelled into the air.

    Modern chemical farming practices have a devastating effect on the carbon cycle, with 60% of agricultural land already deemed pre-desert stage today. The world is at the tipping point of losing its fertile soil altogether.

    Sustainability expert Dave Stanley explains the eco cycle and how nature returns carbon from the air to the ground, this natural carbon sequestration process can not only offset carbon emissions but regain vast amounts of carbon to reinstate fertility. Rob Richmond gains 50 tones of carbon dioxide per hectare per year.

    Natural farming with living soils is the only solution to feed earths growing population.

    the soil carbon solution

    Presented by Femi Taylor
  • Interviewee Dave Stanley
    Director Uscha Pohl
    Editor Jan Höhe
    Camera Andrew Lamb
    Additional footage Uscha Pohl, Tomek Sierek
    Music Marianne Nowottny
    Featuring Lukas Pohl Blondez
    Illustrations Kerry Skarratt, Brooke Skarratt, Lukas Pohl Blondez
    Photography Fiona Gomersall, David Gomersall

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    The series ‘FLOOD & DROUGHT’ is created by Uscha Pohl/VERY Magazine for ITTGB. This is VERY’s own discovery channel and represents the findings of an ongoing series of interviews.
    For Dave Stanley’s own analysis of the situation please go to challenge the thinking.
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