• Soil organic matter is crucial to absorb water on our fields. Modern chemical farming techniques have reduced soil organic matter on Britains farmed land to an alarming low. Rain water speeds of and soil silts up rivers both causing flood and drought. We need soil to stay on our fields and retain the rain, rather than flooding towns.

    Sustainability expert Dave Stanley explains the correlation between increased flood, drought and chemical farming in the UK.

    floody farming

    Presented by Femi Taylor

    Interviewee Dave Stanley
    Director Uscha Pohl
    Editor Jan Höhe
    Camera Andrew Lamb
    Additional footage Uscha Pohl, Tomek Sierek
    Music Marianne Nowottny
  • Featuring Taya Skarratt, Lukas Pohl Blondez
    Illustrations Kerry Skarratt, Brooke Skarratt, Lukas Pohl Blondez
    Photography Fiona Gomersall, David Gomersall


    The series ‘FLOOD & DROUGHT’ is created by Uscha Pohl/VERY Magazine for ITTGB. This is VERY’s own discovery channel and represents the findings of an ongoing series of interviews.

    For Dave Stanley’s own analysis of the situation please go to challenge the thinking.
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