• When in 2012 in London it rained for three months causing floods while a hosepipe ban was in place due to a drought, it really didn’t add up. How could we be told there was a shortage of water if we were knee high in it? How could it ‘disappear’ if it was pouring down on us day after day? It couldn’t be ‘the weather’ this time, or ‘global warming’ — clearly, something was very wrong and we weren’t being told. I needed to find out.

    Unlike Jack Nicholson in Roman Polanski’s ‘Chinatown’ we drove through pouring rain not orange hains, but California Water Wars and London hosepipe bans have more in common than beats the eye.

    drenched in drought became our first short film followed by floody farming, the soil carbon solution, farming food and tuberculosis in the open-ended series FLOOD & DROUGHT - step by step we try to untangle the web.

    We are very happy to start showing the first films which have opened our eyes to absolutely crucial information that the general media - criminally - doesn't share with us.

    VERYdocumenTARY — Shorts on Facts that Concern Us
    For details and news see verydocumentary.org


  • In this issue we celebrate the art of the late Rory McEwen, toast to Richard Strange and his Borroughs extravaganza, Lara Schnitger’s first fashion show and couture collection, Eric Mouchet opening his brand new gallery in Paris; talk lipstick colours and ‘rolling in asphalt’ with Jewgenija Tschuikowa.

    Philip Jones Griffiths’ haunting photographs of the effects of Agent Orange in Vietnam give us ans insight into the nature of the chemicals that are progressively being embedded in our foodchain; Massimiliana Spinola’s comparison of ‘conventional/ chemical’ viticulture with her biodynamic vineyard is a good way to tell hay from the spray.

    The prince arrives... with a working horse: Henry Finzi-Constantine and his French Comtois’ stable save the day by offering a refreshing ‘old will be new’ point of view.

    Uscha Pohl

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