• Inès Di Folco, First Drawings, was the befitting title of the inaugural publication of Inès Di Folco’s work. The book was edited by Marie Laure Dagoit, who had published the first poems of Inès’ father, Philippe Di Folco (and continues to do so). Also in 2009 when Inès was fifteen, José Maria Gonzales featured two of her drawings in the contemporary drawings revue Rouge Gorge.

    Now in her first year at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris, Inès has chosen her family history as the main topic. She has a particular wealth of a personal world to explore, with ample inspiration. Her mother Hafida Djemni is a literary editor born in Tunisia to Libyan and Fulani parents. Inès’ father Philippe Di Folco’s roots run part deep-France-Corrèze, part half-way between Napels and Rome.

    When not in her studio at the Beaux Arts, Inès can be found jamming with her friends and the band ‘La Ligne Claire,’ whose first vinyl Cheri came out in 2011 on ‘Bruit Direct.’

    Inès agreed to be photographed for this issue’s fashion shoot together along with her friend Marcella Barcelò. And so we can add yet another talent to the list – and this is just the beginning!

    Uscha Pohl

    An acoustic improvisation from La Ligne Claire / Patrick Lombe in Brussels http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHe1XLyjm-k