‘Tradition is continual renewal […]; traditional arts as living skills can be applied in contemporary design…’ are declared principles of the Prince’s School of Traditional Art in London, and Georgia de Castro Keeling embraces this approach wholeheartedly.

A recent masters graduate, she studied everything from iconic and miniature painting to Islamic calligraphy; painting with squirrel hair brushes she specialized in the Himalayan school of Basohli. All this skill and specific knowledge are now applied to drawing, video, animation—all very much this world, and it hardly could be more so.

An Italian/English Londoner with formative time spent in the multicultural-intellectual outpost slash melting pot of what is Northern Mallorca, Georgia de Castro Keeling’s trademark style is instantly discernable through its cruel observation blended with a good dose of quirky humour and a kind heart — for all kinds.

Georgia de Castro Keeling

What is Psycho Analysis?

Georgia de Castro Keeling
commissioned by the Institute of Psycho Analysis, London

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