we tracked down the elusive lady Ayahuasca in Infierno [meaning ‘hell’].

‘Let there be Hemp’ is about man’s best friend that we have inconveniently forgotten about: 100 years ago, hemp was traded all across the globe, bringing wealth and health. Queen Victoria was famously used hemp (less famously for menstrual cramps). Since, sadly the Western world has chosen to ignore hemp’s multitude of benefits.

Hemp cleans air and soil (even used in Chernobyl), and its CBD compound  (cannabidiol) is the direct match for the millions of receptors of our ‘ECS’ system. This ECS (endocannabinoid system) is responsible for balancing fundamental systems within us: the ‘psychological / emotional / physical / immune systems, hence regulating anything from depression, inflammation to cell repair.

Hemp is nutritious as well as healing: hemp’s CBD incites cell reproduction and (!) provides all amino acids to actually do the work.  

Not stopping here, industrial hemp supplies us with pulp for paper, building construction materials, and ... the basics for ‘hemp-plastics’ for lack of better word. There is actually no need for petrochemical plastics to contaminate the world, no need for oil wars — hemp is not only the natural equivalent, it actually does the work better. Be ready to be amazed, then watch the video of Henry Ford’s Hemp-plastic hemp-fuelled car presented in 1941!
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