Kids torn from their families, held in camps, in a so-called ‘free country’ where the prison-part of the justice system is not only privatized but constitutes a good chunk of the GNP! And, where did I read that the US hold 25% of all global prisoners?

In the border area, many of the prisoners held indefinitely is minors who have not done anything wrong at all. Erika Harrsch’s evocative piece ‘Under the Same Sky ... We dream’ brings us closer to the reality of innocent children who are severed from their roots and trapped in a system of meshed wire.

My intention is not to bring horrific stories to the fore.  The general news do that very well and I want no part in it. VERY for me is positively contributing to the world giving a voice to those who personally choose to do, create and expose, investing their own lives. We need to be informed to be able to make the right choices and the world a better place.

Moving onto hope and connecting the dots rather than head and tail, read about the astounding  recent discoveries of the human microbiome and gut health; discover Egor Indiani’s film ‘curadores.‘ To find wisdom and how to overcome challenge we might have to go to the end of the earth, like Egor,... or,  can simply watch his film.

Talking to Egor reminded and  inspired me to look back at my own  trip to the Amazonian jungle last year. Rich in experiences up, surprises and rewards I called the story ‘Find me in Hell’ as 

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