The RiverBlue Distressed Denim Atrocity is a must-read, as all of us own denim, but few of us know how ‘stone wash’ and ‘distressed denim’ hurts the world. Why buy newly distressed toxic jeans that look old, when you can just wear them out yourself?

Thank you Orsola de Castro and Fashion Revolution for taking the global lead in exposing the fashion industry’s and pressing for this to change. We have to stop binging on fast fashion and start loving clothes that last. And I can talk, actually. I am lucky enough to be close in size to my mother... but aren’t many of us?

Seeing this evidence should be enough to never want to buy a pair of shoes or Jeans again. Maria Arceo’s ‘Future Dust’ then shows another layer of the over-production-consumption issue. Glaciers and mountain springs now contain microplastics  - as detailed here by The Guardian - we need to stop creating petrochemical plastics, reduce packaging and buy no more bottled water for one.

Of course I am working on ‘how to’ articles on the issue. In the meantime, get the Fashion Revolution booklet to see how you personally can help bring down the global clothing pile. Every non-purchase counts!!

While plastic garbage is allowed to freely migrate anywhere in the world, people aren’t. One terrifying example is the ‘land of freedom’ with a misleading ‘statue of liberty’ guarding the port. 

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