That’s exactly what our capitalist system of perpetuated greed is doing: biting our own tail and multiplying self destruction exponentially.

Langlands & Bell’s series Infinite Loop : Internet giants brilliantly exposes the current phase of overt hypocrisy that carries on from marketing your brand, family and/or trade by owning wings  in gothic cathedrals. Swedish Industrialist Alfred Nobel not only invented dynamite, but also contributed to the inventions of synthetic rubber, artificial silk, and synthetic leather, and held more than 350 patents.

His name standing for peace and ‘nobility’ today is a coup to copy, as Langlands & Bell elegantly represent in looking through the murky waters of clear glass panes in modern architecture of industry leaders today.

Read Maria Arceo ‘s recount of finding leather shoe soles from Tudor and even Roman times on the banks of River Thames – and follow it up with viewing the ‘River Blue’ trailer highlighting the unfathomable toxicity of clothing production, leading to the direct death of nature and (!) of those poor people forced to make the unimaginable pile of internationally wasted garments.

Most of the clothes are never even worn or many not even sold. People and nature die for absolutely nothing but for the absurdity of vanity and an obsolete concept that fills landfills
– and the pockets of a few.  

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