The best part of VERY 20 is that we can celebrate twenty years of independence. Two decades of a voice that can be heard, seen and read. Times have changed, but my stance hasn’t. So often now I think about the early issues, when based in New York, gun violence kept coming to the fore, in my mind and in my magazine. Some things we desperately want to change, why, just why don’t they.

In 1997 making magazines, clothes and running a gallery at the same time was a cool thing, and new. This was early days of laptops and pre-mobile phones. Can you imagine?

One of the many things that gets me wide-eyed lately is that multinational chains blatantly try and sell us ‘individuality’ – which defeats the very concept – and that people seem to buy into it.

Joining Orsola de Castro for the Raindance launch of ‘RiverBlue’ I passed Leicester Square, something I rarely do. In drizzling darkness I cycled right up to huge illuminated signs of  'be individual’ —‘create your own individualized smarties’ ... seriously? We know that clothing giants equate (confuse) the ‘race to buy the same thing as everyone else’ with individuation, but evidently there is simply no ceiling to this phenomenon.

Succumbing to the ‘electric eel syndrome.' our human-sheep culture makes ducks look smart: by way of my son’s l homework I learned that eels make a circle - connecting head to tail - to load their electrical charge from their own ‘battery cells’. 
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